My Story

Konrad Orlowski is a Polish pianist, living in Mallorca since 2018. He gives concerts all over the world in small and large concert halls, with works by Chopin, Bach and Mozart, but also with self-composed pieces.

His repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles such as: Classic, Jazz, Gospel, Latino and much more.

In recent years he has collaborated with world-class jazz stars such as Urszula Dudziak, Ed Schuler, Jon Heringen (Steely Dan guitarist), Mike Russel, Queen Yahia and Gary Wiggins. He toured with the band Walk Away as part of the Jazz Jamboree 2002 festival.

In 1998-2003 he collaborated with the famous American band The Weather Girls on numerous concert tours.

In 1998 he gave a solo piano concert at the Philharmonic Hall of Radio France in Paris.
In April 2005 he participated in the Jazz Festival in Kuwait and opened the 10th anniversary of the Krakow Jazz Festival in the Krakow Philharmonic Hall.

For 5 years he regularly gave concerts in the musical West Side Story.

„Piano music has the ability to convey a wide range of emotions, from joy and happiness to sadness and melancholy. It can help us connect with our own emotions and experiences, and even provide a sense of comfort or solace during difficult times.“